Hidden Cameras

Our hidden cameras specialists will provide and install high quality, covert cameras and systems for your home, business, vehicle, or exterior areas. We offer all types and models to choose from, or we can customize a camera or system for your specific needs.

Spy Camera Specialists

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24 hour free consultation

Spy Camera Specialists

Call Today!

24 hour free consultation

Our highly skilled investigators will meet with you and determine the exact and proper hidden camera and camera system that is suitable for your needs. We provide confidential, professional equipment and expertise. We strive to provide you with the results that you require.

Our investigators provide POSITIVE results!

  • Hard Wired Cameras and Systems
  • Wireless Cameras and Systems
  • Clock Cameras
  • Plug Cameras 
  • Smoke Detector Cameras 
  • Microchip Cameras
  • Deer Cameras
  • Infidelity Investigations
  • Criminal Defense Investigations  
  • Theft and Vandalism Investigations
  • Harassment and Stalking Investigations 
  • Sexual Assault Investigations  
  • Child Abuse Investigations  
  • Motion Activation
  • Night Vision
  • Wide Angle Vision
  • Remote Monitoring via Cell Phone or Computer
  • Custom Cameras
  • Exterior Cameras
  • Discreet Desktop Surveillance
  • Custody & Support Investigations
  • Cohabitation Investigations
  • Employee Misconduct Investigations
  • Insurance Fraud Investigations
  • Corporate Investigations
  • Business Investigations

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M. Goldman Investigations, LLC is a licensed, bonded investigative company offering professional services to both the business and residential community.

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