In 2019, all of us use our computers and cell phones continuously throughout the day and evening. We use our desktops, laptops, tablets, i-pads, notebooks, i-phones, androids, and cell phones to access information on the internet, for work, to communicate with others, and for leisure activities. One must feel confident that their electronic devices are infiltration-free and not compromised. In many situations, including divorce, infidelity, harassment/stalking incidents, criminal defense cases, etc…., computers and cell phones may contain some type of electronic bugging device or software, that enables a person to monitor your activities and conversations. With the easy access of the internet, in addition to the numerous “Spy Shops” popping up all over the area, electronic monitoring devices are easily accessible, and extremely easy to install and operate. In this day and age, there is a camera or microphone everywhere….inside and outside businesses, homes, vehicles, and even roadways. We are constantly being monitored, and our privacy and peace of mind is being compromised.

Sooooo, what can we do about this blatant invasion of our privacy? We can contact a professional, licensed Private Investigator that specializes in Debugging Services, or Electronic Eavesdropping Detection Sweeps. A quality Debugging Investigator can perform a detailed, thorough sweep of your home, business, phone lines, vehicles, computers, and cell phones, and identify and remove all unwanted, hidden, electronic monitoring devices and software from your property and belongings. Many times, a competent Bug Detection Investigator can determine where a discovered monitoring device was purchased, and sometimes even who purchased the item. A quality Cyber Security Investigator can provide you with the confidence, security, and peace of mind that you and your family desperately require.

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