When Infidelity occurs in a relationship, it can be an extremely trying and difficult experience for all parties involved. Statistics reveal that in most instances when a spouse or significant other suspects that their partner is being unfaithful, their suspicions are correct. Hiring a qualified Licensed Private Investigator is the definitive step to take when seeking the truth, and obtaining the facts and evidence that you desire.

Two Things Usually Occur When Infidelity Is Revealed in a Relationship:

  1. The parties involved either separate and/or divorce. OR:
  2. The unfaithful activities are brought out into the open and the parties involved work to repair the emotional damage, through communication and counseling.

A quality Licensed Private Investigator can be a huge asset in documenting cases of Infidelity. A skilled Private Investigator can assess the situation, and confidentially employ the necessary investigative tools and techniques required to obtain the information and evidence that document the unfaithful activities. Whether it be through Videotape Surveillance, Computer and Cell Phone Forensics, Witness Interviews & Statements, Hidden Spy Camera Video, or Polygraph Examinations, an accomplished Private Investigator can expertly assist you with this delicate situation, and provide you with the specific information and results you are seeking.

Signs of a Cheating Spouse/Partner:

  1. Change of habits and behavior.
  2. Leaving unexpectedly and abruptly, and returning late.
  3. Unexplained business trips.
  4. Holiday change of plans.
  5. Claims of excessive overtime and work overload.
  6. Unexplained expenditures.
  7. Hidden bills and letters.
  8. Extra grooming, nicer wardrobe.
  9. Scent of another woman or man.
  10. Buying jewelry and gifts.
  11. Less sex and intimacy.
  12. Health club membership.
  13. Evasiveness and defensiveness.
  14. Excessive and hidden/secretive cell phone & computer usage.
  15. Obvious lies.

Sometimes sharing suspicions with others can help you to clearly understand the truth in your specific situation. Please feel free to anonymously share your experiences and thoughts regarding this sensitive topic, or feel free to contact the skilled, professional, and confidential Licensed Private Investigators at M. Goldman Investigations, LLC, for a FREE CONSULTATION:  1-800-505-5423. Mark Goldman, Licensed Investigator M. Goldman Investigations, LLC (toll-free)  1-800-505-5423 Visit us at:  www.mgoldmaninvestigations.com

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