A quality Criminal Defense Investigator serves a critical role for their client’s in Criminal Defense Investigations. Every criminal defense attorney needs support as they put together their case to establish a reasonable doubt, and to obtain an acquittal for their client. An attorney really cannot effectively and thoroughly assist a client without the help of a quality Private Investigator.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  A competent Criminal Defense Private Investigator will examine case Discovery Evidence and Documents, and identify and extract specific details, information, inconsistencies, and points of evidence that may have been overlooked, that may be of importance in the client’s defense. A quality Licensed Private Investigator can also identify and develop new evidence relevant to the case that may be favorable to their client. CALL 24 HRS. for a FREE CONFIDENTIAL CONSULTATION:  1-800-505-5423

Licensed Private Investigator
Licensed Private Detective                       

Surveillance Investigator
Criminal Defense Investigator
Computer Forensics Investigator
Cell Phone Forensics Investigator
Debugging Investigator

If charges are filed, a good Criminal Defense Private Investigator will assist their client and attorney in every aspect of the case, which may involve getting witnesses and evidence ready for preparation, and counter-defending the Prosecutions claims with facts and evidence that dispute their allegations. A quality Private Investigator can also develop favorable evidence through Videotape Surveillance, Computer & Cell Phone Forensics Examinations, Detailed Investigative Research, Hidden Camera Evidence, Polygraph Examinations, Witness Interviews & Statements, and the location of Exterior Video Evidence.

*Theft/Robbery Cases                                        *Window Tint Cases
*Assault/Weapons Cases                                  *Traffic Cases
*Drug-Related Cases                                         *Capital Cases
*DUI Cases                                                          *Rape/Sexual Assault Cases
*Federal Cases                                                    *White Collar Crime Cases
*Appeal Cases                                                     *Domestic-Related cases

Having a quality, confidential, Licensed Private Investigator on your criminal defense team can mean the difference between a guilty and innocent verdict in the outcome of your case. Your attorney will represent you to the very best of their abilities on your behalf, but without the actual evidence obtained by a Licensed Criminal Defense Investigator required to establish your position and win your case, there isn’t much any attorney can do to help you. When Your Reputation and/or Life Is On The Line, the assistance, guidance, and skills of a good Licensed Criminal Defense Private Investigator is a necessity. CALL NOW:  1-800-505-5423

If you would like to share your experience, or if you have any questions or comments related to this topic, please feel free to confidentially share with others here on this forum. The Licensed Private Investigator’s at M. Goldman Investigations, LLC, are considered the leaders in the industry regarding Criminal Defense Investigations, and would be happy to consult with all client’s free of charge concerning their issues and concerns. Call 24 Hrs. for a FREE CONSULTATION:  1-800-505-5423

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