Most of us use our Computers and Cell Phones constantly during the course of the day. We talk, text, communicate and access information online, access social media, take and receive pictures, etc…. When using our electronic devices, most persons do not realize the capabilities of the storage software within these items. Most electronic devices have extensive storage capabilities, and data transmitted on these items can be stored for long periods of time.

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Most persons believe that when they ‘delete’ an item, post, or transmission from their computer or cell phone, that it has been completely deleted, and has been thoroughly removed from their electronic device. Well , that is just not the case. The Licensed Private Investigators at M. Goldman Investigations, LLC,  can conduct a law enforcement quality Forensics Examination on your desktop, laptop, tablet, i-pad, notebook, i-phone, android, or cell phone, and expertly recover and retrieve both deleted and non-deleted data from these items, going back in time as far as the item’s memory will allow. This includes deleted and non-deleted emails, chat conversations, instant messages, pictures, websites visited, dating site activity, social media activity, password protected files, word documents, financial documents, contact lists, voicemails, ACTUAL TEXT MESSAGES…..Yessssss!!!…..ACTUAL TEXT MESSAGES (deleted and non-deleted), etc….

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Computer & Cell Phone Forensics examinations can be extremely valuable when experiencing an Infidelity Issue, a Divorce Issue, a Custody or Support Issue, a Co-Habitation Issue, a Stalking/Harassment Issue, or a Criminal Defense Issue. Our team of highly skilled Private Investigators and Private Detectives can conduct a Forensic Examination on your electronic device, and recover and retrieve the pertinent information, facts, and evidence that you require. Computer and Cell Phone Forensics is extremely valuable because it provides both current and past data—it provides you with evidence from the present, and going as far back in time as the item’s memory will allow. All Tangible evidence….evidence that can be used to prove your point or win your case….tangible evidence that can be used in Court.

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